Center for buddhist studies conference


Envisioning the Buddhist Canon
in the Digital Age

Nov. 2-3, 2018

Despite rising interests in research on modern East Asian Buddhism in recent years, studies on how Buddhist textual traditions cope with modernity and reinvigorate as a vital force for religious changes in the digital age are conspicuously missing. To fill in this lacuna, we propose a conference on the transformation of the Buddhist canon in history and the digital age to envision a new kind of Tripitaka for the future. Entitled “Tripitaka for the Future: Envisioning the Buddhist Canon in the Digital Age,” this two-day conference, organized by the newly founded Center for Buddhist Studies at the University of Arizona, invites about twenty leading scholars in the field to reflect upon the most recent trends in the compilation, translation, and digitization of the Buddhist canon in East Asia. It is anticipated that this conference will have impact on a wide range of academic fields such as religious studies, the history of the book, history of modern East Asia, politico-religious history, digital humanities, and bibliographical studies. Previously, we have organized three international conferences on the Chinese Buddhist canon.

Organized by Center for Buddhist Studies, Department of East Asian Studies, Department of Religious Studies and Classics, and the Center for Digital Humanities at The University of Arizona.

Sponsored by the World Buddhist Youth Foundation, Society for Promotion of Buddhism (BDK America), and Richard L. Evans Office of Religious Outreach, Brigham Young University (BYU), and Su Wukang East Asia Research Fund.